Sunday, 29 May 2011


Back in 1998 I got a Mardave Cobra for a birthday and I started racing in the north of England. Over the years the car was upgraded with an electronic speed control and faster motor.

As teenagers do, racing and the car was put to one side and forgotten. I kept my car and in 2007 I brushed the dust off it and took it racing again. The weather was poor that season, but we had fun. My car had been painted a metallic purple at this point. However by now the car was long obsolete and spare parts where no longer sold in my local hobby shop.

At this point a new car was required. I chose to get a Team Associated RC10B4 and it was a huge improvement over the Cobra. However now if you crashed too fast it broke (the Cobra is rather robust). This time I was able to get the right paint for my favourite paint.

This car has a brushless motor and is very fast... close to uncontrollable. Even with the bad weather I still raced most of the season.

Anyway enough history, this is the car I am going to make autonomous.

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