Friday, 10 June 2011

Current projects

I got distracted by Fortza motorsport 3 the last few days, but I now have a R3 class Lotus Exige. This means I can live happy and do other things... well until I can afford a real Lotus Exige!

Anyway I am currently taking apart a Sabichi bagless vacuum cleaner... as you do. I want to convert it into a robot vacuum cleaner, so I don't have to do the hoovering (vacuum cleaning in other countries) myself. I have got the wheels off it and all but one of the screws out. I don't have a screwdriver that is long enough to reach the last screw. When it is finished it should look abit like this

The viability of the project will depend on if the electrics inside it run on AC or if it converted internally to DC.

The second thing I have been working on is my car. I have found a way to connect the infra red sensor to the servo horn using some old parts I had lying around. I used the plastic ball and socket parts from my old Mardave Cobra car's suspension. Unfortunately I am still using blue tack to attach the servo for now.

I have also written new code for the sensor sweep, once I have optimised the sweep timings I will post the code here. I am thinking to use Matlab to optimise the timings using either a fastest decent or genetic algorithm, so I don't have to program the algorithm myself.

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